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The element of HRM is human, human resource management also involves the design and implementation of planning, employee compilation, employee development, career management, performance evaluation, employee compensation and good labor relations systems. Human resource management involves all management decisions and practices that directly affect their human resources. The recruitment and selection process is to get the right person for a certain position, so that the person is able to work optimally and can survive in the organization. Although the goal is simple, but the process turns out to be very complex which takes time and cost that is not small and very open opportunity to make mistakes in determining the right person. The mistake in choosing the right person has a huge impact on the organization. Integrity is defined as a sense of mysticism and wholeness that comes from qualities such as honesty and character consistency. If connected with ethics, integrity is defined as honesty and truth from one's actions. A person who has integrity if his actions are in accordance with the values, beliefs and principles he holds, independence is our right as human beings, who have the right to be free and independent without being pressured by others. Of course in its implementation the so-called independent also has limitations. Because an institution or organization cannot exist without support from other parties.


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